Porsche 964 – zero to hero in 3 years

For Porsche the 964 represented a new horizon for the company, displaying technical expertise and innovation at a time when the financial world was in recession. Porsche needed a big idea and an innovative car to show its value.

Enter the 964, the penultimate Air-cooled Porsche 911. As far as technological horizons go the 964 was a significant one, offering four wheel drive for stability and an electronically collapsible spoiler for efficiency. Compared to previous models of the time the 964 also housed a bored out 3.6L flat-six engine, the biggest of the period.

Produced between 1989 – 1993 the 964 has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years with buyers admiring its stylish bodywork that has aged rather well. The body coloured integrated bumpers add to the car’s sleeker image when compared to previous iterations that sported large black rubber bumpers. The 964, from an aesthetic standpoint at least, appears more sleek in design with nods to the 959 supercar that set the world alight.

But what about recent prices? A desirable Porsche representing the culmination of years of hard work is sure to pique interest with astute buyers and enthusiasts. The graph below shows the rise of 964 prices over the last three years in the UK. Since the start of 2014 prices can be seen to rise in a steady and convincing manner, with top end prices nudging over the £100,000 mark by mid 2015. The rise in values between 2014 and mid 2015 was befitting of a modern icon, an explosion in desirability with multitudes of cars changing hands showed the 964 market in rude health.

This strong initial push upwards in prices continued into 2016 where, by the middle of the year we had seen cars selling microns south of the £200,000 mark. By mid 2016 964 prices stood a far cry from in 2014, with averages more than doubling in a short space of time.

964 goes up, must come down. Or so you’d think…

Late 2016 and early 2017 saw prices of the 964 slump, buyers had been used to seeing high sale prices propped up by the turbo models but with only one turbo coming up for auction between July and January one could be excused for believing the bubble had popped somewhat. What we have learned about 964 prices in recent months, however, is where demand and desirability are located within the range. Of the top sellers the upper echelons of price are occupied by either turbo, speedster or similarly limited run models. The initial production Carrera 4 models commanding lower prices, with the later released 2 wheel drive models failing to fetch much more.

The last three years for Porsche 964 sales in the UK have been eye opening to say the least, and if bought and sold at the right time could have earned the UK enthusiast a pretty sum. You’ve heard us talk enough about values, though. It’s time for you to take a look at the price ark yourself.



We’ve uploaded the embed of results below, feel free to interact with them and have an in depth look at what cars sold for what price compared to others.



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